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    CEACEA FEARLESS - Getting Our Sweat On With Formidable Strength & Conditioning

    If you didn't already know, CEACEA SWIMWEAR is helping women get out of their comfort zone and try new sports. We are helping women to be FEARLESS, CEACEA FEARLESS and we provide the perfect active oceanwear for you to do it in.

    If you live in Perth and haven't come to one of our CEACEA FEARLESS days yet then stay tuned for details on our future events. If you don't live in Perth then check out our inspirational blogs from our CEACEA FEARLESS chicas who have FEARLESS stories to share on our website.

    We welcomed more chicas into our CEACEA FEARLESS community last week with our CEACEA FEARLESS Strength and Nutrition day in collaboration with the boys (Simon & Ryan) at Formidable Strength and Conditioning in Wembley Perth WA.

    After welcoming us into their brand new gym (definitely worth checking them out!) we were put through our paces with some strength & conditioning training.

    The warm up ensured we were fully awake and the thigh burn had already begun before we were treated to THREE rounds of the strength circuit. From pushing weights, wiggling ropes, hanging from bars and lots of planks our muscles were definitely engaged and firing!

    It was great to see our CEACEA FEARLESS chicas giving it their all with plenty of laughs in the mix too. CEACEA SWIMWEAR also loves providing the opportunities for so many ladies to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. Well done on being FEARLESS!!

    It got pretty sweaty towards the end and I'm sure there were some sore bodies the next day. After the cool down it was great to get some info from Simon and Ryan on nutrition and tip and tricks for strength training. So many great questions were asked by the group and I'm sure everyone learnt a lot from the day.

    So ladies....what do you want to try next? Send us a DM or email with any ideas of sports or activities you have been dying to try. We will do our best to get our CEACEA FEARLESS community there :)

    Let's be FEARLESS together



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    CEACEA FEARLESS - Getting Our Groove On With @sarah_whiting_

    Dancing to the beat of her own drum we chatted to the multi-talented @Sarahwhiting on her love for all things dance related. From ballet to burlesque we found out how she learnt to dance and why she loves it so much.

    How long have you been dancing for?

    Well, I've been dancing since I could walk, but I've been taking classes now consistently for 18 years.

    How did you get into it and what age were you when you started?

    I started ballet when I was 7, and amongst doing netball for a while, I started doing lots of other dance styles.

    What challenge/goal have you recently set yourself within your sport?

    For my dance class that I teach, I really want to see my students growing in their confidence and rocking who they are in the sexy, fun setting of burlesque!

    For myself as a dancer personally, I would love to work more on my flexibility and performances!

    What was your fear with dancing and how did you overcome it?

    I remember feeling anxious when I first went to classes at my current dance school, where I now teach too. It was the fear of the unknown, as well as the pressure of being in a new social setting, people, teacher, and learning a new style. I took comfort knowing that there were other newbies in the class with me and we're all in class to learn and have fun which helped me to relax and be myself.


    Whats your most memorable moment with dancing?

    There's so many amazing memories that I have been able to experience, countless performances and shows, laughs with friends in class, the thrill of pushing my body in creating something truly beautiful. A couple of my highlights include competing and leading my dance school in the annual National Multicultual Festival Parade.

    Which CEACEA item do you like best for dancing?

    I love my CEACEA tights, because I wear tights every week and these are just so comfy and bring so much bright gorgeousness to class.

    Who’s your inspiration?

    Ooh, I have many - for life generally my Mum, always - especially for being hardworking and kind. Dance inspirations include my instructor, owner of Kokoloco Dance Studio and dear friend Becky Fleming, Dita von Teese, Media Noche, Zilia Rose and Sashya Jay and all major girl crushes too.

    What does being a woman of impact mean to you?

    Being critical of the world around you, using my voice to speak out about things I can change and leaving this place in a better state than when I found it.

    Thanks Sarah for a great insight into how beneficial dancing can be for your mind and soul. Such a great way to meet friends and grow in confidence.

    Check out Sarah on insta @Sarah_whiting_ for more great pic and info on all things dancings. We also love her insta for her body confidence and positivity she shares via her pics and messages. This girl keeps it real and super fun.

    Remember to sign up to our CEACEA FEARLESS Community to be the first to hear about ore CEACEA FEARLESS days where we provide free events for women to try new sports. You will also receive a $20 discount code once subscribed too!

    Let's be FEARLESS together






    CEACEA FEARLESS YOGA with Myall Wellbeing

    In February, our FEARLESS community gathered together at the newly opened Myall Wellbeing in the heart of Perth city centre. Founder Emma Pugsley has had a vision for many years that the CBD would benefit from a space that gathered together wellness services in one space for the busy residents of the corporate city landscape. That vision was realised in January this year and we are so happy to have been one of the first communities to work alongside Emma and Myall Wellbeing.
    We were lucky to meet Emma during her development and planning of Myall Wellbeing. We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that we were all passionate about supporting other women to follow their dreams and take on new challenges, whether that be starting a new venture such as Myall Wellbeing for Emma or encouraging our CEACEA FEARLESS community to be brave and active and try something new, stepping out of every day comfort zones.
    Our FEARLESS community gathered in the relaxation area at Myall Wellbeing and those present were treated to a sneak peak of our new CEACEA Classics Collection before the yoga class took place. Yoga instructor Marika led our CEACEA community through an hour of vinyasa flow practise. Many of our CEACEA ladies who took part were doing so for the very first time. The class was expertly conducted so those of any age or experience felt included and we also had pregnant attendees able to practise pregnancy yoga too.

    Emma led us all through a hugely relaxing meditation at the end of the yoga class and its safe to say that everybody could have quite easily stayed longer in that blissful state, the movement and relaxation had facilitated for all participants.

    Not all of our CEACEA FEARLESS events will be aimed at the adrenalin junkie or be as blissed out as this last one. We hope that the mix of activities we plan to bring to you will provide a challenge and opportunity open to everyone. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Thanks again to all who came and we are always so proud of our CEACEA FEARLESS community getting out of their comfort zone.

    A perk of this CEACEA FEARLESS day was that funds were also raised for charity, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank those participants that generously donated to the charity after the class.

    Our next FEARLESS event is not far away and will be on Saturday 6th April so stay tuned for further details :)