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    The VISION 




    Weekend adventurers, part time adventurers & soon to be adventurers :)


    CEACEA SWIMWEAR'S creation came from embracing change and being FEARLESS. After its founder Caroline moved to the other side of the world she jumped in at the deep end and unknowing became an adventure girl. Making new friends along the way was part of the reason she took up sea swimming, surfing, running and life saving. Caroline and her adventure friends were frustrated with having to buy so many different sports apparel for all their sporting needs so Caroline took things into her own hands and found fabrics that can be worn on land AND in the sea.


    Not only that but she created capsule wardrobe that allow you to mix & match outfits for land or sea based activities. Her love for bright & bold prints shine through in the ranges & the best thing is your CEACEA SWIMWEAR can be worn from a morning yoga class to surf session, from a run straight into a swim. 


    Along the way Caroline and her FEARLESS friends have created the CEACEA FEARLESS community that you are now part of.

    CEACEA SWIMWEAR is now the community adventure girls want to be part of to help other chicas get out of their comfort zone & be FEARLESS.




    CEACEA SWIMWEAR provides the perfect active ocean wear for you to have your adventures in.





    CEACEA SWIMWEAR was created to inspire and encourage other women to get out of their comfort zone and try new sports and activities in AND out of the water. We want to inspire you to be FEARLESS.


    This is why we have created the CEACEA FEARLESS community, which includes blogs from bad ass, inspiring and FEARLESS women just like you.


    Check them out on the blog page.


    The RANGE


    CEACEA SWIMWEAR is created from unique fabric that performs in and out of the water. YES thats right EVERYTHING can be used in the water as well as on land. Take our leggings and shorts for a swim then dry them out and set off on that run. 


    We are all about bright and bold prints plus unique designs, purposely created for function and to flatter the female form. 


    We have created a multi-use capsule wardrobe for land and sea sports.

    Style your CEACEA your way by mixing capsules and collections and use it for surfing, swimming, beach hangs, yoga, running or walks. 


    Our fabric also has UPF50+ sun protection, is chlorine resistant, light weight, fast drying and sweat absorbent. 







    During our founders travels around the world, Caroline found the perfect boutique manufacturer in which she made the hub of CEACEA SWIMWEAR'S creation. 


    We work at a human level. With small boutique manufacturers that are ethically run. We work together closely to ensure high quality & the small quantities we make mean you get limited editions. Our manufacturing team align with ethical business practices to ensure fair & safe work practices in terms of working conditions, pay & health & safety.


    Our manufacturer understands the importance of ethical & sustainable processes & along side our manufacturer CEACEA SWIMWEAR is continually striving to improve & better our brand through sustainable practices. 


    CEACEA SWIMWEAR also uses no plastic in its packaging or branding. The swing tags & cards are made from recycled paper & our postage packaging is biodegradable. Everything used to protect, transport & delivery your CEACEA SWIMWEAR is recycled, re-usable or biodegradable so you can be reassured you are not contributing to any plastic waste. 


    The manufacturing process uses sublimation printing to eliminate the need for water plus this way dyes don't get into the water system. Oh and any waste from cut off materials are made into scrunchies.





    We are pleased to announce our partnership with ActionAid Australia. We give $1 of ever item sold to supporting women's right locally and nationally as part of ActionAids goal to achieve social justice and gender equality in over 45 countries world wide. 


    For more information go to:




    You will receive information with your order if you wish to donate to this cause further.