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    CEACEA SWIMWEAR — #CEACEASWIMWEAR #Capsulewardrobe #swimwear #activewear #yoga #pilates #surfergirl #SUP



    We hope by now you've seen the amazing #IGotYou initiative started by Still Stoked.
    If not make sure you head over to www.stillstoked.com to find out all about it and join the community which is changing line ups for women around the world.
    #IGotYou is Still Stoked's campaign to encourage women to be a positive influence to other women in the surf and beyond.
    They are encouraging women to take the #IGotYou pledge and many of the women who have, have shared their #IGotYou stories. 
    For those of you who do, you are in with a chance to win some prizes.
    CEACEA SWIMWEAR were happy to donate a surf outfit and we would like to share the winner Alyce's inspiring story. 
    Follow her journey @the_surfing_dietitian
    Alyce’s story....
    I am loving the #IGotYou theme so much everyone's stories are just beautiful. My story is a shoutout to the most amazing and beautiful girls that I call my best friends.
    When we were younger, I had struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder all through my teenage years. I was scared to wear a bikini or be seen doing something like surfing in case I 'looked bad' and I was especially scared to love myself.
    Having these girls in my life saved me. They are just so accepting of themselves that just being around them helped me to love myself a little more. Their support and love showed me that I can wear what I want, do what I want and be who I want, exactly how I am.
    Now I practically live in a bikini and I am the biggest surfaholic out of all of us!

    I hope to be this person to other girls and women in my life and help each other be body confident as well as surf confident so we can all just love to surf together.  

    Thanks Alyce for sharing your story with us. 






    Our Christmas holidays were spent on a two week adventure holiday to Sri Lanka. It’s the perfect destination for adventure girls as it really does have something for everyone. 
    You are spoilt for choice with surfing, SUPing, swimming, yoga and endless hikes. Mix this all in with the most incredible palm tree lined beaches, crystal clear waters and incredible national parks and you have one perfect place for adventure. 
    Our plan was to stick to the coast and hop from town to town starting on the west coast and heading south. 


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    Meet one of our CEACEA FEARLESS chicas

    Meet one of our CEACEA FEARLESS chicas


    Have you met Tatyana @tats_2809
    She's one FEARLESS chica. ⁠

    In the past few years she's taken up ice skating, pole dancing, rappelled down cliffs & jumped out of planes. We love her FEARLESS attitude & willingness to have a go at pretty much ANYTHING.⁠

    In fact, we loved her FEARLESS vibe so much we asked her to model our latest range LOTUS. ⁠
    We have created a community of CEACEA FEARLESS chicas. You are now part of this community in which we support & encourage each other to get out of our comfort zone, try something new & get active.
    We regularly feature our CEACEA FEARLESS members in our photo shoots as we love showing what a talented bunch you are. 
    We are an ethical & eco conscious brand.
    We work at a human level. With small boutique manufacturers that are ethically run. We work together closely to ensure high quality & the small quantities we make mean you get limited editions. 
    We also use no single use plastic. Everything is made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Even the postage bag you receive your CEACEA in is plant based & your items are kept safe in a reusable hessian bag.
    Need other reasons to love CEACEA SWIMWEAR? ⁠
    We have them!⁠
    The manufacturing process uses sublimation printing to eliminate the need for water plus this way dyes don't get into the water system. Oh and any waste from cut off materials are made into scrunchies :)
    Also a proportion of each item sold goes to ActionAidAustralia who support womens rights in over 45 countries.


    The CEACEA capsule wardrobe

    The CEACEA capsule wardrobe

    You may be aware that one of the reasons CEACEA SWIMWEAR was created was due to myself (Caroline) and co-creator Chloe's frustrations with having to take so much 'active' gear away on weekend trips or surf trips to Bali. You never knew what the weather might be like or what activities you might end up doing. Therefore we needed to take activewear and swimwear for all possibilities!

    After getting 'stung' on excess baggage by our budget airline on the way to Bali one time, we decided that when we created our range we would make it a capsule wardrobe. A wardrobe whereby you would need fewer items but those pieces would be functional across all ranges of activities, land AND sea. 

    Well ladies, that is exactly what we have created. The CEACEA SWIMWEAR capsule wardrobe. We have designed THE GODDESS range with this in mind. You are able to buy three items and have four different outfits, each one designed for different activities. You get four different looks and endless activities you can do in them. Our capsule combinations include the ASTERIA crop top for your high impact activities, matched with the reversible EOS briefs. Flip the briefs around for look number two or pair with the ACIONNA bralette if you are doing lighter exercise.



    If you prefer to have leggings that you can use for yoga/pilates and water sports, choose the BELISAMA leggings combo paired with the ACIONNA bralette. Chuck in the reversible EOS brief to give you that active bikini. This capsule combination gives you four different land to sea options.

    Check out the following pics of our favourite capsule combinations

     Buy less, buy better x

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